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Prophetic word for 2020 : Africa's mighty harvest

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

The time for Africa to burst forth out of the soil has begun. The love of God will carry Africa as a child warped in a cloth around a mothers waist. The valley's will yield harvests of plenty. The eye of the Lord is upon those whom fear Him, Africa that is under the eye of the Lord. The remnant of Africa, those whom have been hidden in the soil of the goodness of the Lord will now begin to spring forth as the rains of the Glory cloud of heaven have already begun falling onto the continent. Many will come to believe in this time and many whom has been lukewarm will have to make the final choice of life. The Lords children are covered under the shadow of the Almighty and the scorching sun of Africa will not harm them.

Africa how you have waited for a time such as this. My angels are moving in the highways and byways making a way where there is none. Look to the glory O Africa for your time has come. Christ is Lord overall, There is no other God. Let go of all other believes and false gods for "I am the Only God" says the Lord. My Glory hidden in creation, Africa you have been with holding onto my Right hand and I am going cause you to burst forth into bearers of my Glory the world has yet to see. Signs, miracles and wonders are your portion but I am the author and finisher of your faith. For those that love me this is a fruitful time indeed. For my blood has covered you O continent of Africa. Africa Will once more be a place of my dwelling, but to those whom do not receive my Son they will know a time of hardship only spoken of in times past. My angels are descending and ascending on you O apple of my eye. Stand firm stand in my or you will not be able to stand. "I bring life and life more abundantly with good things at my right-hand open your mouths and I will fill it" says The Lord. Did you hear the crackling fire of Revival? It has come now comes my Glory! Africa O breadbasket of the world. I am the bread of Life fill yourself up and follow Me. Christ Jesus does not forsake Africa.

"Now Isaac sowed in that land and reaped in the same year a hundredfold. And the LORD blessed him"

Genesis 26:12

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